eurycoma-Longifolia_smEurycoma longifolia is often referred to as tongkat ali or long jack. The plant, which is grown in Southeast Asian countries, has been used for many years as a means of promoting virility and sexual desire. Eurycoma longifolia can also be used to promote weight loss, improve athletic performance and fight erectile dysfunction – all the more reason for Boost to add this clinically tested ingredient.


Can Science Give You a Reason to Try Eurycoma Longifolia?

Boost would not include eurycoma longifolia if it was not clinically tested to fight symptoms of low testosterone. Some of the more common symptoms include weight gain, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Improved Sexual Qualities

In a study completed in 2003 (1), eurycoma longifolia improved sexual qualities in males after just 12 weeks. The control group, which received only normal saline, did not show an improvement in sexual qualities. The improvement lasted at least two weeks after stopping eurycoma longifolia supplementation. Boost works to improve the sexual qualities in your life and the effect will last well beyond any lax in taking the supplement.

A Natural Testosterone Booster

Low testosterone is the focus of natural testosterone boosters like Boost. Eurycoma longifolia is clinically tested to increase serum testosterone concentration. A few natural ingredients have this effect and all come with no side effects so you get the benefits of a testosterone booster without the side effects associated with prescription solutions.

The study, published in Andrologia (2), followed 320 men. Seventy-six of the men were given 200 mg of eurycoma longifolia for a period of 4 weeks. By the end of the study, eurycoma longifolia had increased serum testosterone levels in men with low testosterone levels. Only 36% of the men who started the study measured normal levels. By the end of the study that number climbed to 91%.

Fights Male Infertility with Increased Testosterone

A side effect of low testosterone is poor sperm quality and lower sperm numbers. This side effect leads to male infertility. Authors of a study in Natural Product Communications (3) showed an increase in testosterone levels and improvement in sperm quality and numbers with just two weeks of eurycoma longifolia supplementation. This means Boost starts as early as two weeks and keeps getting better the longer you take the supplement. Within just one month you will notice significant changes in how you look and feel.

Improves Sperm Quality When Estrogen Levels are High

When testosterone levels fall and estrogen levels stay the same, the symptoms of low testosterone take over. If you increase testosterone levels, the balance goes back to normal and testosterone takes back control. Boost contains eurycoma longifolia, clinically tested to fight the effects of increase estrogen influence due to low testosterone, based on a 2010 study (4). After just two weeks of treatment with eurycoma longifolia, sperm quality and numbers increased.

Do I Have to Worry About Side Effects?

No clinical studies we reviewed mentioned any reported side effects. With Boost you get the benefits of a testosterone prescription with no side effects.

Does Eurycoma Longifolia Really Increase Testosterone?

Science doesn’t lie. Eurycoma longifolia and Boost do increase natural testosterone levels and eliminate the symptoms of low testosterone. Taking Boost is the right choice if you want that youthful feeling that aging has stripped away.

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