digestive proteolytic blendA Digestive Proteolytic Blend consists of enzymes that support healthy digestive processes. With poor food intake, antibiotic use and other environmental factors, healthy enzymes are depleted. Replenishing these enzymes is critical to the absorption of the ingredients in testosterone boosters. In addition to helping with absorption, digestive enzymes can also help treat indigestion. Boost knows there’s more to a testosterone booster than just boosting testosterone. No matter how clinically significant the ingredients, if the gut does not absorb those ingredients, Boost will not work as well as it could.

Are Ingredients in Digestive Proteolytic Blend Clinically Tested?

Clinical proof is at the heart of supplement ingredients. If there is no clinical proof an ingredient works, there is no reason to use the ingredient. Digestive enzymes have been researched for hundreds of years. Boost contains a combination of trusted and safe proteolytic enzymes.


An article published in IDEAL (1) reports papain works to improve overall digestion and digestion of proteins. The proteolytic enzyme also increased the production of short chain fatty acids. Short chain fatty acids can be used as an energy source (2) so you fight fatigue associated with low testosterone. The body produces short chain fatty acids when gut bacteria break down carbohydrates. If the bacterial levels if below normal, fewer short chain fatty acids may be produced. With papain, Boost ensures your digestive system is working at optimal levels.


Protease is an enzyme that breaks down proteins into amino acids. Protease is also referred to as proteinase or peptidase. When proteins are broken down effectively, the amino acids enter the bloodstream where they work to feed muscles for improved growth, development and recovery. Decreased muscle mass is a symptom of low testosterone that Boost wants to fight – so improving muscle production counteracts this symptom.

Peptidase and Protease AM

Peptidase is another term for protease. Protease AM is found in some digestive proteolytic blends. The same benefits are associated with protease AM as are associated with protease.


Bromelain is another enzyme that helps breakdown proteins. This enzyme is found in pineapples. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (3), bromelain can be ingested to improve digestion. You can take about 500 mg of bromelain each day – divided with meals. As digestion improves the body will be able to absorb the ingredients in your testosterone booster more effectively. The tested ingredients in Boost will simply work better when your digestive system works better.

Neutral Bacteria Protease

Neutral bacteria protease is a secondary protease commonly used in conjunction with protease. The source of neutral bacteria protease is Bacillus polymyxa. Another name for neutral bacteria protease is dispase. Neutral bacteria protease has proteolytic effects. It breaks down proteins. Proteins are needed to boost muscle production and muscle mass. Low testosterone means losing that muscle – exactly what Boost is trying to fight. Digestive proteolytic blend helps the body breakdown the primary fuel for muscles.

What Do Digestive Enzymes Have to Do With Testosterone Boosters?

The digestive proteolytic blend in testosterone boosters are used to improve the digestive process and help the body break down proteins. When supplements are ingested they often mix with foods in the stomach. If nutrient absorption from food is improved thanks to digestive enzymes, the absorption of ingredients in the supplement may also improve. Improve the absorption of ingredients in Boost and improve how the supplement works.

No matter how effective a testosterone booster, if the ingredients in that booster are not absorbed they cannot work to reduce symptoms of low testosterone or support testosterone production.

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